Superhuman Vision No Longer Sci-Fi; Depressed? It’s okay!; Hassle-free diploma verification and more ...

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JUNE 2020

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We live in an era where change is the new normal, be it technical, economic, or social. Read the stories below to learn more about our efforts to adapt to changes and improve lives with a 3D artificial eye, Blockcerts, and more.

Superhuman Vision No Longer Sci-Fi

An HKUST-led research team has recently developed the world's first 3D artificial eye that functions better than existing prosthetic eyes, and will even have superhuman abilities such as detecting infrared radiation in darkness, bringing vision to humanoid robots and new hope to patients with visual impairment.


Depressed? It’s okay!

Depression is a common illness worldwide but many are unwilling to face or even disclose it for fear of being stigmatized. Prof. Paul Forster, the winner of two teaching excellence awards at HKUST, shares his story of living with severe depression and how he copes with it.


Hassle-free diploma verification

To help employers distinguish a fake graduation diploma from a real one, HKUST is the first local university to launch a blockchain-based degree authentication system. Not only can the tech promote an eco-friendly campus, it can also help curb academic forgery.


Most needed competencies in fintech

To address the growing demand for fintech talent in Hong Kong, the Business School carried out the first-of-its-kind manpower study that has identified 13 core competencies for fintech professionals and offers insights into fintech development in Hong Kong.


COVID-19 vaccine one step closer

Our research team has established COVIDep, the world’s first web-based platform that pools publicly-available COVID-19 sequences every day, in the hope of providing scientists with immune target recommendations for accelerating vaccine development.


Future-proofing your career

Watch a webinar to find out how we can build resilience, be anti-fragile, and learn to adapt when disruption hits and constant changes are the new normal during uncertain times, so that you can continue to grow in your career.


Faculty Awards

JUNE 2020

Best Paper Award (Green Communications Systems & Networks), 2020 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)

Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

2020 Weitz-Winer-O’Dell Award, American Marketing Association

Prof. LIN Song

Department of Marketing

Young Scientist of 2020, World Economic Forum

2019 Natural Science Award of Shanghai (Second Class), Shanghai Municipal People's Government

Prof. SHI Ling

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Honorable Mention of Best Application Paper Award in the 2019 IISE Transactions Focus Issue on Quality and Reliability Engineering

Prof. TSUNG Fugee

Department of Industrial Engineering and Decision Analytics

Outstanding Reviewer Award, American Marketing Association


Department of Marketing

Global Scholar at Princeton University (2020-2023)

Prof. WU Xiaogang

Division of Social Science
Division of Public Policy

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