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APRIL 2020

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Expanding Frontiers, Converging Minds

The increasingly complex global problems can no longer be addressed by solutions derived within a single conventional discipline. This new HKUST(GZ) publication presents a unique and innovative cross-disciplinary academic structure designed to break disciplinary silos and foster a new education and research model to complement the discipline-focused foundation at the Clear Water Bay campus. The implementation of a non-conventional Hub structure incorporating multiple thrust areas is conducive to nurturing cross-disciplinary talents, setting a good example for the global higher education sector.


Lending a hand to students in need

The University has set up a COVID-19 Student Hardship Relief Fund to offer immediate financial assistance to students whose families are affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Please join us in supporting our students by clicking here. We have also launched a COVID-19 info@HKUST website to keep HKUST members updated on coronavirus-related information. Click here for details.

Forging careers overseas

Working abroad is a dream for many young people. Three Engineering alumni share their experiences as to how to land a job in their chosen destination and excel at work despite having to overcome the challenges in cultural differences and other difficulties of living in a foreign land.


You can change the world

Do you know you can adopt a tree in Peru, help NGOs in the developing world to digitally map their most vulnerable areas for better crisis response, as well as take simple actions every day to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals? Act now and participate in various changemaking efforts led by HKUST Connect.


Hi trees, stay safe and healthy!

Smart sensors developed by our Civil and Environmental Engineering research team that monitor the tilting angles of damaged trees, not only allow the government to take immediate action before they fall and hurt people but also ensure a more accurate tree health diagnosis for sustainable tree management.


Distinguished professors honored for teaching excellence

The IPO Teaching Excellence Award 2019 was presented to Prof. Betty LIN (L) in the undergraduate category and Prof. Paul W. FORSTER (R) in the postgraduate category respectively, with the former recognized for creating many opportunities for students to interact with industry leaders and tackle real business problems, and the latter acknowledged for creating interactive methods in classes to stimulate active student participation.


Faculty Awards

APRIL 2020

Responsible Research in Management Award, The International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) and the Community for Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM)

Prof. Yong Hyun KIM

Department of Management

Best Paper Award, the Asia-Pacific Research Exchange of the CFA Institute (ARX) and the CFA Society of Melbourne (CFAM)

Prof. Abhiroop MUKHERJEE

Department of Finance

Natural Science Award (First Class) 2019, Ministry of Education of China

Prof. ZHANG Limin

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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