Cancer drug hope; COVID-19 mythbuster; edible cutlery

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JULY 2020

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The continued spread of the coronavirus through the summer has led to many activities being put on pause, but the HKUST community is keeping its spirit up to make the most out of the uncertain time. Read the stories below to learn about what we do to protect public health, and make the world a more sustainable and better place to live in.

New Cancer Drug Hope

Our research team has discovered a novel molecular mechanism that helps block the transport of a key protein and shut down the cell growth process if it is hijacked by cancer cells, thereby hindering cancer progression and offering a new direction for the development of cancer drugs.


Debunking COVID-19 myths

Our AI experts have built CAiRE-COVID, a machine learning based-system to help the medical community find answers to COVID-related enquiries leveraging freely available scholarly articles, in the hope of discovering a cure.


Eat your cutlery to reduce waste

Two BBA students have invented an award-winning vegan and biodegradable edible alternative to single-use cutlery in order to fight Hong Kong’s pressing waste and plastic pollution problems.


Your research career starts here

Our unique International Research Enrichment program offers undergraduate students early exposure to leading-edge research, giving them an edge over their peers who also want to pursue a research career in science.


Meeting the 30 under 30

Three HKUST alumni who have made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, share their entrepreneurial journey and business advice on e-commerce, and what it’s like to run a business in a time of global uncertainty.


50 ideas for pandemic summer

From gardening to recording a song and cooking for children with special needs, our students around the world have filmed themselves spending their COVID-19 summer in productive and creative ways.


Faculty Awards

JULY 2020

Lead editor of the Second Edition of Wastewater Biological Treatment: Principles, Modeling and Design, International Water Association

Prof. CHEN Guanghao

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Pan Wen-Yuan Foundation Award for Outstanding Research in 2020

Prof. Tim CHENG Kwang-Ting

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

Editor of Journal of Electronic Packaging, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Prof. Ricky LEE Shi-Wei

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Scientific and Technological Progress Award (Second Class), 2019 Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards (Science and Technology), The Ministry of Education

Prof. Christopher LEUNG Kin-Ying

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

2020 O.Hugo Shuck Best Paper Award, American Automatic Control Council

Prof. LI Sen

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

2020-2021 AUA Scholars Award, Asian Universities Alliance

Dr. HAN Wei

Division of Environment and Sustainability

Prof. ZHU Pengyu

Division of Public Policy

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