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March 2021

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What better way to acknowledge the value of gender equality and follow up on the recent International Women’s Day 2021 than being inspired by two of HKUST’s outstanding women and sharing updates on new breakthroughs in male contraception?

An inspirational woman’s work is never done

“I would prove you wrong!” says Prof. Pascale FUNG who defied all the odds with her contrarian personality and passion for engineering, while alumna Eva TSANG , the GBA Young Entrepreneur of 2020, says women who prove themselves can achieve any goal because “it’s talent that matters!” Find out how these two inspirational women overcame adversity and discrimination to reach the top in their specialist fields.

Equal opportunity finally arrives in the bedroom

Ever wondered why contraception always seems to be a woman’s job? Student Clara TUNG examines new breakthroughs that should soon see men given their share of the predominantly female burden of family planning.


UV LED knocks spots off other cleaners

Phones…credit cards…spectacles…they’re all everyday objects that can easily be disinfected for COVID. But what about the clothes we wear? Prof. Ricky LEE and his researchers have now developed an enhanced ultraviolet LED disinfection method that can kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses on clothing in 60 seconds flat!


Talk tough, win big

It’s true what they say! Nice guys always do finish last – especially when it comes to important negotiations. Prof. Martha JEONG explains why an uncompromising stance pays dividends when making virtual deals.


COVID testing science and ingenuity goes mobile

Prof. WEN Weijia and his team have perfected a mobile testing lab whose recent on-campus deployment provided COVID-19 test to some 400 students and faculty members in just three days.


Fear-free dentistry will soon be a reality

Having dental fillings is never pleasant. Thankfully, Prof. QIAN Peiyuan and his research team have pioneered an ingenious plaque prevention process that looks set to send painful cavities packing.


Faculty Awards

March 2021

International Member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

Prof. Khaled BEN LETAIEF

Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering
Center for Wireless Information Technology

Honorary Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)

Prof. Veronique J A LAFON-VINAIS

Department of Finance

USA 2020 Distinguished Alumna Award, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Prof. YU Jianzhen

Department of Chemistry
Division of Environment and Sustainability
Environmental Central Facility
Atmospheric Research Center

2020 Guangdong Technological and Natural Science Awards

Prof. ZHANG Limin

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility

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