COVID-19 Special: Anti-pandemic efforts; online teaching best practices; wellness support


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MARCH 2020

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Together, We Will Overcome

With the confirmed cases and death toll of COVID-19 hitting new heights every day, people around the globe fear they could be the next victim. To tackle the spread of the disease and save lives, scientists and innovators at HKUST have wasted no time to collaborate with its fellow allies to battle against the once-in-a-century pandemic through technology and innovation. Watch our video which highlights some of our all-round measures to help curtail the virus, and get to learn about President Prof. Wei SHYY’s sharing in his article for the World Economic Forum to call for more collaboration and unity among international universities during this challenging time.

No boundaries for experience sharing

In February, HKUST took a decisive action to implement online learning in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. As the virus started spreading rapidly across the world in March, international universities are also switching to online classes to minimize human contacts. At a webinar organized by HKUST, our scholars shared best practices and online teaching experience with 36 partner universities around the globe, advising them on how to get faculty members on board, manage students’ expectations, and to continuously monitor feedback to improve teaching.

Relaxing your muscles and mind

Feeling the physical and emotional impact of social distancing right now? No worries! Here we have a stretching exercise demonstration video to help you get rid of your sore waist and aching back. Our Counseling and Wellness Center also offers flexible and safe interactions to support you via online, phone and mobile messages etc., no matter where you are, even those in Hubei province and Europe, plus various wellness workshops and online psychoeducation resources being available to help you manage your stress and anxiety.

Every small good deed counts

Shortage of face masks has become a serious concern, with the situation particularly worrisome for the underprivileged people. HKUST Connect collected 5,000 pieces of disposable surgical masks and over 2,000 bottles of hand sanitizers produced by Prof. Jason CHAN and his colleagues. Among those to have benefited already are some NGOs, including the Salvation Army and the Hong Kong Society for the Blind, which helped allocate the resources to over 1,000 people.

Keeping virus at bay

To protect Hong Kong’s most vulnerable people from coronavirus, HKUST has been reaching out to local hospitals, schools, daycare centers, and elderly homes to make surfaces antibacterial and anti-virus for 90 days using a smart anti-microbial coating technology developed by our engineering faculty. A team of our engineering students and staff members has also extended the spraying service to two local schools to protect their staff members and help them strengthen their precautionary measures for class resumption.

Faculty Awards

MARCH 2020

Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar Fellowship for 2020–2021, The Harvard-Yenching Institute

Prof. David CHANG Cheng

Division of Humanities

Balik Scientist Award, Department of Science and Technology of Republic of the Philippines

Prof. Laurence Laurencio DELINA

Division of Environment and Sustainability

CHI 2020 Honourable Mentions, ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Prof. MA Xiaojuan

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

2020 Frank M. Masters Transportation Engineering Award, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Prof. YANG Hai

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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