Shine in tough job market; manage COVID-19 stress; slash career


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MAY 2020

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In these uncertain times, members of the HKUST community join hands to provide our students with all-round support and guidance to help them find the silver lining and shine through the crisis. Read the stories below to learn more.

Silver Linings Amid Tough Job Market

New graduates are facing the worst job market since the 2008 financial crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our alumni who survived the hiring drought after SARS in 2003 offer tips on how to stay competitive despite gloomy job prospects.


Empowering unlimited possibilities

Watch our new corporate video to find out how we nurture talents to serve the world with innovation and technology, and most importantly, empower infinite possibilities and transform vision into reality.


Putting students’ mind at ease

Our professional and peer counselors have been providing timely and suitable emotional support to students who have experienced constant feelings of frustration and anxiety due to the COVID-19 outbreak, regardless of their time zone or location.


How to succeed in a slash career

Our marketing graduate Benedict YUEN who is a famous KOL and forerunner of the slashie generation, shares his experience of pursuing multiple career paths at the same time ever since he started studying at HKUST.


Uncertainty creates unforeseen opportunities

Our faculty members offer pragmatic advice on embracing challenges and capitalizing on emerging opportunities via an online series of inspirational videos to help our MBA students thrive in uncertain times.


Connecting opportunities for fresh graduates

We have launched HKUST United as a new platform to engage our alumni around the world to offer career advice, startup support, and job/internship opportunities for our fresh graduates as they are entering a bad job market.


Faculty Awards

MAY 2020

2020-2021 AUA Scholars Award, Asian Universities Alliance


Division of Social Science
Division of Public Policy

Second-class Higher Education Outstanding Scientific Research Output Award (Science and Technology),
The State Ministry of Education

Prof. Irene LO Man-Chi

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
HKUST Jockey Club Institute for Advanced Study

AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars - 3rd in Visualization sub-field

Prof. QU Huamin

Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering

AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars - 1st in the AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence/International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI/IJCAI) sub-field
AI 2000 Most Influential Scholars Honorable Mention - 43rd in Information Retrieval and Recommendation sub-field

Prof. YANG Qiang

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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